Edisa Corp Edisa corp is a company dedicated to distributing, designing and assembling electronic equipment for electrical areas, electronica and industrial. We have a dedicated service department to provide help and technical support to customers in their projects, and services.

Client Programs

– Dealer Program … The largest program for retailers.
– Affiliate Program … For customers who want additional benefits, refer customers to us through its website, or if the buyer reports that he contacted us through it. Additionally, this program can be used for special education programs for students, for the social area and charities to get a special discount of us, and so on.

Edisacorp History

Edisa Corp was originally founded in 1987, is a project of an undergraduate instructor, who needed components, sensors and equipment to conduct investigations and the manner of a tutoring program. He worked hard for many hours every day of the week, but was not able to purchase the required amounts of components as they had few resources but his determination and decision to help yourself to grow and display the various materials, such as , Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Power Electronics, Electrical, Electricity and more in different counties and help many people and students to form a great network of clients began to provide electronic, electrical, automation, instrumentation and industrial parts, this being the beginning of Hadassah soon for 1999.

For this reason, EDISACorp has a wide range and variety of different electrical and electronic equipment area and growing very rapidly since it became a company and put its headquarters at 21011 Hialeah Dr., Hialeah FL 33010 USA.

Today, EDISA Corp has offices in different countries with a large network of customers and distributors.

Edisa Corp is and will advocate for green energy technologies and major benefit of humanity and the natural environment, so the support at a discount to students and teaching programs.